BY Olivia Theoklitos
Skindles came to fruition rather organically as a result of: 21 years in a fad-driven beauty industry, thousands of clients that inadvertently formed my market research, together with extensive study into the biology of naturally occurring plants/foods and their effect on the skin.
The Skin-Candle concept flourished soon after this, however Olivia quickly realised she couldn’t stop at just candles! She figured if she striped skincare back to basics and sourced only the purest, most natural ingredients then she could create something anyone could love, use and enjoy through every stage of life. But there also needed to be air of mystery surrounding each product; inconspicuously packaged as more than meets the eye, kind of like Olivia herself.
Olivia set out to make an uncomplicated range of skin-things that had a powerful duality about them – simple yet ultra luxe; fun but highly targeted; for the busy bee who needs everything rolled into one, or simply wants to reconnect their body and soul.

Your Skindles skin candles have been made with lots of love and thought. There are a few things we would love you to know:
– No polishing or fumigation has been used during the engineering of our ceramic vessel.
– Our wicks are lead free and are made from 100% cotton, which have been coated in a natural wax, to maintain it’s extremely straight posture.
– We use a combination of pure essential oils and strictly only (PG)Premium Grade fragrance oils. All fragrances and oils are skin safe certified and meets all global safety requirements.
– All of our oils are Australian certified oils.
– Our fragrance oils are free from Parabens, phthalates and musk. Our skin-candles are cruelty free vegan friendly and biodegradable. Our products are made and manufactured in Australia in an ethical environment. Our skin-candles burn for longer periods of time, which is why we do not stipulated a “burn time”.

Our skin-candles are suitable for use on body, hair and in your bath. Melt and moisturise and allow the scents to transcend and evoke a memory?