{SIMPLE as that} is all about skin health and promoting natural beauty, simply. {SIMPLE as that} is not about beautiful models, unpronounceable ingredients or complex rituals. {SIMPLE as that} is about proven results, organic, fair trade and vegan ingredients, and a simple beauty routine to keep your skin healthy for life. At {SIMPLE as that} we believe ‘less is more’ and this is definitely true when it comes to natural beauty.

At {SIMPLE as that} we make our products from scratch using as few ingredients as possible. We know that sticking to the basics is the best for your skin and our planet. We don’t dilute our products with cheap synthetic fillers, so our skincare is purer and better for you. It also means that our products are more likely to be effective, even on the most sensitive skin.

We want our products to be just as good for our community and planet, as they are for your skin. That’s why we support sustainable, local, small farm and organic sources to bring you the most ecologically and ethically responsible products possible. Our range will make you feel good inside and out!
{SIMPLE as that}

Pharmacist Formulated by Master Pharmacist, Danielle Clover.

Danielle’s love and passion for organic skincare started years ago when working as a pharmacist, she became increasingly aware of all the ‘crap’ and synthetic additives that lie lurking in our personal care products, so Danielle decided to do some research. What she found was not pretty. Words like ‘carcinogenic’, ‘endocrine disrupters’ and ‘irritants’ are all commonly associated with the ingredients found in our everyday skincare products and worst of all, it’s completely legal! Yes seriously! We are legally allowed as skincare manufacturers to put any ingredient in our final products as long as the ingredients are listed in descending order on the packaging. And it’s that simple. There’s no man or woman in a white coat testing that the products are safe, no legislative body auditing our products and no restrictions on what ingredients we put in our final products (or leave out for that matter!) I don’t know about you but I think that’s pretty scary stuff and that’s where {SIMPLE as that} comes in. Time for change.

So what Danielle has created is an affordable, organic, fair trade and vegan skincare range without all the crap. {SIMPLE as that}. Less ingredients equals more potent product and less chance of any skin reactions. Each ingredient in every product has been purposely included to do a job and ultimately foster the health of your skin to keep it looking vibrant and glowing, not to mention safe. Danielle is hoping that this humble brand of her is the start of a journey where one day organic skincare is ‘the norm’ and we no longer have to worry about what we’re putting on our skin, but for now this is my contribution to a healthier world and planet. {SIMPLE as that}.